Before Medication

The average human is responsible for 125,000 pounds of waste during their lifetime.

I think of all my former Styrofoam cups that once held cherry cokes and coffees.

When he asks why I’m sobbing I can’t find a way to explain that I’m reconsidering all of those almost empty shampoo bottles. I could never commit to one.

My palms press against the porcelain and for a moment there’s relief.

He says “Enough.”

All of those discarded peanut shells and pennies. The occasional dimes.

42,000 pounds of waste

I’ve consumed in my lifetime.

This life lacks comprehensible meaning.

I can’t take this anymore.

I notice how silly my mascara looks smeared on our shower curtain.

I smile to myself. He smiles back. He thinks that he’s made this better.

I’m relieved to see his relief.  

I decide to stay for another 4.3 pounds of nonsense.

Autumn KonovalskiComment